New Litter delivered April 6 2019 from
Fancy Pants and Professor
Angel has the same markings as her mom, Fancy.  The dark on one ear
comes over the top of her head.  She has a beautiful cobby head and a  perfect colar.
She is a Beautiful Girl and a little angel.
I love Gracie with her dot on the top of her head and two dark ears.  She has a beautiful head
and colar.  She is very short and cobby with a perfect head.  Gracie is to die for.
Ellie will be sold with breeding rights.
She is a beautiful girl with a solid white head that loves the camara.  She has a very striking
and unique colar. She has a wonderful cobby head and body.  She is an absolute Beauty !
Cooper is beautiful with his dark over both ears and eyes. He has a great head and short
body. He will grow up to be a beautiful boy.
George was the first born.  He has a patch over one eye and is first for everything.  He has
excellent weight.  He has the white chest and a perfect colar.  George is a looker.
Winston is a solid heavy boy.  He has dark on both ears and eyes.  He has a white chest with
white front legs.  Winston is a wonderful puppy, that will grow up to become a perfect dog.
Milo has two patches and one ear that is half white.  He has a white chest and front legs.  He
has a great cobby head and tree trunk legs.  He is a perfect puppy.
LuLu has a patch on one eye and a dot on the top of her head.  Her markings are very
different.  She has a wonderful cobby head, white chest and front legs.  She is a beautiful