Litter born July 12th, 2018
Smarty Pants & Professor
Diego has a beautiful spot on the top of his heas as well as two dark ears. He has a nice fat
cobby head with excellent lift at his break. He has a perfect collar.  He has big brown
cow eyes with heavy eye riming.
Chubby is a beautiful boy with a white head andone dark ear.  He is very fat and happy.  He
has a great cobby head with excellent lift and a perfect collar.
Snuggles is a beautiful girl with a lot of wild color.  She has a wonderful Cobby head and is a
fat little butter ball.
Evie is my girl with a white head. She has a small amount of dark on one ear. She has the
perfect head and collar.  This girl loves to eat.
The pictures below were taken 8/04, all pups are doing excellent and growing like a weed.
Estee has such beautiful markings.  Dark on one eye and one ear.  Her looks are very
eye catching.  She is ver
Bunny is my sweet girl with color.  She is already so loving.  She has a great head and her
body markings are perfect.  
6 days old